Mantoloking Bridge Emergency Inspection

In late October 2012, Hurricane Sandy hammered the East Coast, causing an estimated $50 billion in damages, leaving much of the local infrastructure devastated. In the wake of the storm, The Castle Group was asked by several Government agencies and private homeowners to perform immediate emergency inspections of their underwater structures, including the Mantoloking Bridge in Ocean County, New Jersey. Our inspection teams, made up of structural engineers and commercial divers, responded quickly to those who needed assistance.

The Mantoloking Bridge gained some noteworthy fame during the recent storm, in that it was struck by several homes. The storm surge that hit this area carved a new inlet though the barrier islands on the east end of the bridge. Utilizing high tech sonar equipment, as well as standard surface supplied diving equipment, our inspection team quickly assessed the condition of the underwater portions of the bridge and reported to the County Engineer.

To learn more about The Castle Group’s response to Hurricane Sandy, or to see what other services we can offer you, visit our website or our LinkedIn page.

overall damage
before and after
water surge damage
diver in action



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