Welcome to the 2010 New Jersey Dive Season

Today, I got back to the office after observing a soil boring for one of our bridge replacement projects; and I received an e-mail from one of the local wreck divers that I know. He was forwarding a recent dive report from one of his friends:

Posted by Ron on 5/11/2010, 7:40 pm

What a great day to skip work and hit the water. it started out with our usual 5:45 am departure for our 8 am trip. We got there early and were greeted by the smiling faces of Sal and Capt. Al of the SEA LION. It was a little choppy on the way out but we all decided on a buoy dive on a rock pile of course. The vis was 25 ft if not more and it was picturesque (like swimming in an aquarium). Some bugs were brought up in the 39 degree water and we were all stoked for the great start of the day.

The next site was the Sendaround and the temp was the same and depth in the 75 foot depth range. This site had vis in the 15 foot range. There were lots of no arm eggers and short bugs, large blackfish, some sea bass and of course none could be taken.

After a strange surface interval in which for some reason a very large tugboat sped up to us and stopped on a dime about 5 feet from the side of the boat just to ask if we were lobstering?

Our last dive was again a buoy dive since the seas had flattened out nicely. This site was very dark with maybe 5 ft vis and temps were still 39 degrees. No bugs came up in about 70ft of water. It seems as though there is now a thermocline of about 48 degrees around 30ft. Maybe things will begin to warm up.

After our drive back home and a quick patch job in dad’s pool, I continued to clean off my gear in the pool. All in all it was great to get out aboard the SEA LION and enjoy a well needed day off from work. Thanks again to Capt al and Sal and my driver, Mr. Jeebs.

And for some strange reason, I am still looking forward to getting back into water next week and partaking in my so-called hobby…

  • Getting up before the crack of dawn on a day off;
  • Loading up a car with an excess of strange equipment;
  • Dressing up in what can only be described as a costume that would confound any of George Lucas’ storm troopers;
  • Jumping off a perfectly good boat in the middle of the ocean (well, it may as well be the middle of the ocean, since you are beyond the site of land);
  • Sinking yourself into a dark abyss, where you can only see 30-feet in front of your face…on the best of days;
  • Swimming around on the sea floor until you:

a.   lose the feeling in your extremities (due to the warm New Jersey waters),
b.   a computer starts beeping to tell you that there is now more Nitrogen dissolved in your body than any person should have, or
c.   run out of air;

  • And finally taking the 60-plus-lbs of gear that you’re wearing (not to mention all the extra water weight that you have picked up) and climbing up a ladder that is bobbing up and down with the seas.

…I’ll admit it’s weird, but it’s fun.

Lord, bless my little, frozen body.


The Sea Lion   http://atlantic-wreckdivers.com/

NJScuba.net     http://njscuba.net/


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