Arctic Diving

Having just concluded a winter dive trip of the pier at Georges Island in Boston Harbor Islands National Park, I can confirm that it is cold in New England.

While this is not a revelation to many, including myself having grown up on the Massachusetts coast, it nonetheless presented a learning experience and a host of additional factors to consider when planning to dive, or do boating, in cold weather.

The primary factor with the cold is that it affects everything you do. With temps regularly in the 30’s and winds in the 20mps range, simply moving around can be a challenge, and staying warm and dry may be more of an aspiration than an actual goal. While layering clothes is important, it can also make performing tasks more challenging, and layers of wet clothing can make you question career decisions.  The best option is to have the proper cold weather gear to keep you comfortable, which means planning.

Fortunately for me, I made this trip with two excellent team members; one a seasoned diver and experienced engineer with over 1,000 dive hours, and the other a young diver with solid safety training and good boating experience.  As a result, the trip was a success from both a business and personal perspective.

-Bryan Van Lenten


~ by castle2268 on December 22, 2009.

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